“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” – William Penn

Feeling a little overwhelmed by life?

I, too, often feel overwhelmed often by all responsibilities of all the various roles I play in my life – husband, son, brother, friend, entrepreneur, coach, athlete, writer (plus a few more). My mind is constantly spinning as I think about everything I should be working on and everything I haven’t completed yet. Being self-employed doesn’t help, because I play both boss and worker and sometimes the boss is a hard driver.

Here’s a trick to actually get things done that I picked up at Bikram’s Yoga College of India in Boulder: one fiber focus.

J.J. Garcia, who is one of the instructors, tells us during the floor series as we’re lying facedown on our mats with our head turned to one side: “When you’re lying there, focus on just one fiber on the edge of towel. Allow everything else to go out of focus.”  J.J. calls this one fiber focus.

Besides the beauty of the alliteration, one fiber focus is a simple moniker that you can to anything you’re doing.

By applying one fiber focus to focus on one thing, you can get that one thing done. It’s a mindset shift from “I need to get all these things done” to “I will do this one thing and ignore everything else (for now).”

I applied one fiber focus recently to finishing up a book I’ve been writing for a friend that we’ve been working on for more than five years. I focused on the book, let everything else go out of focus (i.e. dropped it), set the deadline and finished the book.

Try it and see what happens.