As I learned more about how to train and race effectively for Ironman races, I was inspired to share my experiences and general training advice with other people both inside and outside of the endurance sports world.

Whether I’m describing a triathlon experience to a general audience or giving training tips with fellow athletes, I’ve found writing to be a great way to share my thoughts and emotions with others about what I love to do.

In 2003, I began writing about my life as an athlete in my blog then published my story in 2006: Full Time and Sub-Nine: Fitting Iron Distance Training into Everyday Life, which is about my experiences at the Naval Academy, in the Navy, becoming an Ironman triathlete and ultimately beating cancer.

More recently, I have authored numerous articles and training programs related to triathlon and other endurance sports.

In the last few Years, I have expanded my interests beyond triathlon to other adventure sports and endurance events – for example, in 2008, I spent a week training with the Special Operations Force Academy in Virginia Beach then a week backpacking in the Swiss Alps. Both experiences taught me an enormous amount about myself – both emotionally and physically. In 2014, I began studying the To-Shin Do style of martial arts at Boulder Quest Center and continued my studies at Newbury Park Martial Arts Center.

In the future, I am looking forward to finding new challenges that I can experience, write about and share with others.

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