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full time & sub-nine

In my book Full Time & Sub-Nine: Fitting Iron Distance Training into Everyday Life (also in ebook format), I share the story of my athletic career; my adventures at the Naval Academy and in the Navy; my battle with cancer; and the winning strategies I used to earn my five overall wins at the Iron-distance and dozens of top ten finishes in triathlons of all distances.

Whether you’re training to win, training to finish, or just looking for an inspirational story, I hope that my book will help you train better and smarter while enjoying all of the challenges in your life. For me, triathlons help me better my life and my life helps me better my triathlons.

It’s my hope that Full Time & Sub-Nine helps others find similar balance and inspiration in their own lives – with endurance sports or with any other passion they might have.

Cost: $16.95. The second edition is now available at

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Full Time & Sub-Nine is informative, inspirational and enjoyable…Glover doesn’t lecture, he shares. Highly recommended for the triathlete who has to balance high demands and expectations with a full and responsible life.”

Jef Mallet

Author of comic strip Frazz

“An inspirational hero…Beating cancer and succeeding at Iron distance triathlon are incomprehensible to most, but Glover gives them down-to-earth details we can all start to understand.”

Jedd Ferris

Senior Editor, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

“Author David Glover’s book Full Time & Sub-Nine: Fitting Iron Distance Training into Everyday Life is more than just an accounting about physical fitness and Ironman triathlon races. His battle with cancer also weigh-in on what motivates his life journey. You can see how the triathlons became a much greater focus in his life than even his own personal relationships resulting in break-ups and a divorce. There is something inside him that continues to push him. There are personal costs for this passion to race that he may never fully realize until much later in his life. The book would be a great reading experience for any runners, swimmers or bicyclists. It is interesting to hold your interest even if you are not a runner or into sports. His story is inspiring at times and certainly entertaining.”

W. H. McDonald Jr.

Founder of The American Author's Association

from rust to trust

With From Rust to Trust: Peter’s Tips for Living a Principle-Centered and Other-Focused Life (also in ebook format), author Peter O’Dunne shares the approach that has worked for him to achieve success and peace of mind in life. Written from co-author David B. Glover’s point of view as he interviews Peter, From Rust to Trust is about the universal principles that can guide all of us. Principles that can be applied to business, athletics, personal growth, family, and friendships. Principles that can help us move from rust to trust.

Through the sharing of real stories and examples, Peter invites you to become more principle-centered and other-focused in your life, too.

Cost: $15. The book is now available at

from rust to trust book cover