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The 3 primary reasons for why I exercise

Why exercise? Is it to look good? Lose weight? A social thing? Here are 3 primary reasons that I came up with for why I exercise: (1) Maximize Health: Do the things that keep me healthy for the long haul and increase resilience (the capacity to recover quickly from...

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Newton’s First Law of Motion: Inertia

Sir Isaac Newton proposed his First Law of Motion, the Law of Inertia, in 1687: A body at rest tends to remain at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Bodies will continue in their current state, whether at rest or in motion, unless acted on by a greater...

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Saying yes to more rest and play

"It takes courage to say yes to rest and play in a culture where exhaustion is seen as a status symbol." — Brené Brown I've found myself stuck in western culture's mindset of "Go! Go! Go!" I feel guilty if I'm not "doing" something "productive" (whatever that means)....

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Make haste slowly

"Make haste slowly," says the Alchemist or festina lente in Latin. How much of the time do we spend trying to finish or get to the end faster, whether it's a project, a race like a marathon or the next stage of our personal growth? There's value in slowing down while...

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david b glover headshotDiagnosed with cancer at age 23, I set out to prove that although I had cancer, cancer did not have me.

Now 20 years later, life is still an adventure and a learning laboratory. I enjoy sharing my photography, writing and perspectives on this website and hope to inspire others beyond what they knew they could do.