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Coming clean on my 30+ year chemical addiction

I want to come clean on my 30+ year chemical addiction. Although the chemicals feel really good, they have a downside. I recognize now that I do have a serious problem and it's taken me many years to understand what I was doing to myself and why. My hope is that by...

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In order to win – martial arts for life

Katsu Tame Ni – “In Order to Win” by David B. Glover “I’m sorry, but you have cancer.” I didn’t say anything to the doctor. I didn’t know what to say. I sat there numbly and shook my head slowly from side to side, as I played his words over and over and over in my...

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david b glover headshotDiagnosed with cancer at age 23, I set out to prove that although I had cancer, cancer did not have me.

Now 20 years later, life is still an adventure and a learning laboratory. I enjoy sharing my photography, writing and perspectives on this website and hope to inspire others beyond what they knew they could do.